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After Meta's daughter Kinzee, 14, and Sean's daughter Josie, 8, finished talking, "we pretty much knew, this was it," Meta said.They picked a date to meet in October in Oklahoma City, halfway between Meta's home in Ozark, Mo., and Sean's home in Walsh, Colo.According to a 2007 study, one in three MMORPG players have found themselves attracted to another player.Of the 912 MMORPG players from 45 different countries who were polled, 42 percent of female and 26 percent of male players admitted that they were attracted to other players they met as avatars.Sean and Meta Jo Riseling first met on the dance floor of a club in July 2009.

The Riselings also number among the many people who have found love through massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) such as Utherverse, World of Warcraft and Second Life.

In this new, bold take on courtship, individuals can “bid” on dates with individuals who have posted their photos and profiles online.

The “winning” bidder has earned the right to a date with the individual they invested in.

Online dating involves its fair share of urban legends.

While some may argue that this type of arrangement lends itself to a variety of strange behaviour and odd encounters, the series of rules and guidelines stipulated by the founders of Price Date ensure that each of these dates will remain quite positive.

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